Merzouga is a village in southeastern Morocco, located at the gateway to the Sahara Desert, near the Algerian border, 200 km from Tinghir and 350 km from Ouarzazate. Marrakech, the capital, is 560 km away and Fez 460 km. The village of Merzouga is above all known for its famous dunes.

It is indeed located at the gates of the Erg de Chebbi, which has breathtaking dunes that are among the most spectacular of the Sahara, the highest fixed dunes of Morocco. It constitutes, with the Erg of Chegaga (or Chigaga), the only ergs of Morocco (an erg is a desert of dunes in opposition to the reg, a desert of stones and pebbles). Located about fifty kilometers from the Algerian border, Merzouga is one of the last towns in Morocco before entering the Sahara. Because of its location and its exceptional site at the gates of the desert, this small city full of charm is often integrated as a stage in the circuits passing by Ouarzazate and Tinghir.